Products and Services

  • RF/Microwave Circuit Design – We provide custom RF/wireless solutions tailored to your requirements. We have experience in various military and commercial standards and frequency ranges from HF to U Band.
  • Systems Engineering – We provide system architecture design and analysis of radar systems, software-defined radios, and other RF/Digital communication systems. Designs are simulated using MATLAB.
  • Human Body EM Modeling – We use ANSYS Human body models for analyzing the interaction of the human body with incident electromagnetic field using HFSS.
  • EM Design and Simulation Services – We provide engineering design services employing 3D electromagnetic solutions using ANSYS HFSS. Additionally, computational electromagnetic analysis support is provided for physicists and biomedical engineers and scientists.
  • RF/Microwave PCB Design Services – Custom schematic capture and board layout services are provided.
  • Near Field Communication Design – We design antenna and interface circuitry for NFC. The designs include 3D electromagnetic models in HFSS.